Victory Christian Centre

Our History

Victory Christian Centre, established in June 1985 by Apostle Dr. Joseph Serwadda, stands as a Pentecostal Born-Again Church propelled by a profound purpose. Its foundational principles encompass Gospel Outreach, Church Planting, Social Work & Welfare, Community Service, Education Service, and Health Services, reflecting a commitment to holistic community development.

During his days as a street evangelist, Dr. Serwadda received a vision from God. In this vision, he saw a baby deserted on the streets with no one to care for it. God instructed him to initiate a church ministry to tend to the needs of the lost souls he encountered on the streets. Over the years, the church has moved from several locations due to its growing numbers and currently has its headquarters in Ndeeba, Kampala.

Victory Christian Centre has blossomed into a vibrant community of faith, now encompassing over 450 churches and congregations spread across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and even the United States. We operate five radio stations and a television station, all dedicated to spreading the message of hope and transformation in Christ. At Victory Christian Centre, we believe in nurturing the spiritual growth of every believer from the moment they join our fellowship. We embrace the richness of diversity, welcoming people from all walks of life to come and worship God together in unity and love.

Our Vision

Victory Christian Centre envisions itself as a purpose-driven, pioneer, grassroots, apostolic, and prophetic church. This vision serves as a guiding light, shaping the church's identity and influencing its impactful initiatives.

Our Mission

The core mission of Victory is centered around church planting, global missions, and leadership training. With a dedicated commitment to reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Victory aims to impact as many lives as possible before the return of Christ, aligning with the fulfillment of the GREAT Commission.